Masonry Consulting

Need guidance for your upcoming masonry project? Heron’s Masonry will share our expertise to help you select materials, develop flashing details, and other explore specialized masonry techniques. We are skilled in a variety of masonry fields (stacked stone, granite, marble, limestone, and precast), and will know the latest and best ways to perform the work. Once your project is underway, we can inspect the work in progress and ensure it’s being performed to the predetermined specifications.


Benefits of Hiring a Masonry Consultant

When a masonry consultant is brought onto a project they will assist the owner, designer, and/or contractor with a professional level of expertise to identify and solve any problems that may occur during the construction process, which in turn, saves time and money.

Best Time to Hire a Masonry Consultant

  • During the brainstorming process to suggest ideas and possibilities.
  • During the design review to eliminate questionable details and assist the masonry contractor in bidding the project
  • During the pre-construction meeting to discuss specific details and ensure a comfort level for the contractor

Common Tasks Associated with Masonry Consulting

  • Review and compare proposals from competing contractors
  • Offer regular advice throughout the various stages of the project
  • Make periodic visits to the job site to ensure the tasks are being completed per specifications
  • Review and compare proposals from competing contractors
  • Inspect the construction and document the project’s progression

Fees Associated with Masonry Consulting

What does it cost to hire a masonry consultant? Most masonry consultants charge an hourly fee for their services, and require reimbursement for expenses. In some instances, the consultant will work on a retainer (with a reduced rate paid upfront on a monthly basis, and reimbursed for expenses).

Another common way a masonry consultant is paid is by the project. This is where all costs are included and only items outside the scope are reimbursed. There should be a complete outlining of what services are included before the consultant starts. All hours outside of the outline should be billed at the standard pre-determined rates.